Top 10 Anime Hats on animelife

Top 10 Anime Hats on animelife
Hats are an awesome way to add to your fashion, and really finish off your outfit! It's a small way to "accessorize" and truly show your sense of fashion. Different hats  and caps are always on trend; a really popular hat that is in right now is the dad hat - it is very low profile, and lets you show off your favorite logos and symbols. Before it was the flat bill snapback, and even before that was the fedora, and in the future I believe it is going to be the bucket hat! Beanies are great for the winter, and snapback truckers and baseball caps are great for the summer! One hat that is on the rise right now is the brimless cap, but it may just be a fad that fizzles out.
     The great thing about anime and hats is that you are capable of still looking stylish while showing off your favorite logos and symbols from anime without looking like a total weeb. One store that really has a great selection of stylish and low-key anime hats is animelife. They sport stylish and modern anime inspired clothing and their hats have some really great looking logos and symbols; many of which we will cover in this list! In this list we will cover the top 10 anime hats that can be found on Since each person enjoys different designs and anime's, this list about hats will be in no particular order. Most of the hats on animelife tend to be anime dad hats so this list will mainly compromise of those as that is what they specialize in. Sit back, enjoy, and tell us what you think!
10. Dragon Ball Z Majin Dad Hat and Snapback
 The first hat and dad hat on this list is animelife's Dragon Ball Z Majin hat collection! They sport various colors of their dad hat version, and even have a sleek looking flat billed hat! The Majin symbol is a really popular symbol in the Dragon Ball Z universe. It is the symbol of a really popular character on the series named Majin Buu. The Cursive styled M can be seen on characters he controls, which so happens to be his super power. One of the most popular characters Majin Buu happens to take control of is Majin Vegeta, a true fan favorite.
The Majin symbol dad hat that animelife has on their store is not only stylish but also very comfortable. It has an adjustable strap at the back making it a one-size-fits-all. This makes it really easy to order as you don't have to pick out the right size. This is by far one of the most popular dad hats they have; especially the pink majin hat! They so happen to have a black version of the majin hat and a white one, alongside a washed out version that comes in a variety of colors as well. Their flat billed Majin hat snapback is a great stylish option for those looking for that retro style look. This is a definite must buy for any Dragon Ball Z fan that likes any of the Majin characters. This is the perfect way to subtly show off your love for Dragon Ball while still looking stylish.
9. Crossed Out Hidden Village Naruto Hats
Another incredibly popular dad cap collection that is on animelife's store is the Naruto Crossed Out Hidden Village Dad hats they have. They have every village from Naruto with a slash going through them, representing that the person from that village has gone rogue. This design mainly comes from the Akatsuki clan, as all of the members of this clan went rogue and formed their own team. They crossed out their village symbol to show that they were no longer a part of the tribe they came from. This is by far a fan favorite; some of the most popular Naruto characters come from the Akatsuki clan. 
This Naruto dad hat collection includes all the villages including: the Hidden Leaf village, Hidden Waterfall village, Hidden Stone village, Hidden Sound village, and Hidden Hot Rain village, and the Hidden Cloud village. This entire baseball cap collection comes in black and white, making it really easy to pair this with any outfit.
8. One Punch Man OK. Dad Hat
Another classic and original dad hat that animelife has in their store is the One Punch Man OK. Dad Cap. It beautifully captures the humor of the One Punch Man series and showcases everyone's favorite character from One Punch Man: Saitama. His facial expressions, or rather lack thereof, is what really wins the fans over. This hat has Saitama on it with his classic expressionless face saying OK.
    Although this anime is not as popular as Naruto and Dragon Ball Z, it is really building a fan base and is growing in terms of viewer numbers and recognizability. This dad cap's design is another great subtle style that lets fans wear their favorite anime character proudly while still looking socially acceptable in public. This type of low profile style is very popular right now and as the anime trend is growing, so is the want to wear anime styled clothes. That being said, it is still not stylish to wear flashy and loud clothing of your favorite anime characters, so this is the best option for those who do want to wear anime dad hats and clothing in public.
7. Capsule Corp Dad Cap
With #7 we are back to Dragon Ball Z! The Capsule Corp baseball cap is a classic that has been with animelife since the beginning! The Capsule Corps logo is a incredibly popular symbol that most, if not all, Dragon Ball Z fans have come to love. There are many popular characters that have come from the Capsule Corp family, including Trunks and Bulma. Their family is incredibly rich and is responsible for making the Dragon Ball tracker, a really helpful tool in the franchise. 
  This Capsule Corps dad hat comes in a variety of colors, making it easy for fans to match it to their outfit. The three colors it comes in are khaki, black, and white! Animelife also has a lesser known Capsule Corp hat that has a little bit more flair to it, but still sports the iconic logo that the fans know and love. Animelife has other items that really match well with this capsule corp anime dad hat making it a great piece to potentially an even greater outfit. The subtle design on this dad hat makes it really easy to wear to work, in public, and other events without giving away the fact that you are an ultra weeabo!
6. Naruto Trucker Snapback Collection
Enough of the dad hats!!! The next hat collection on the list is a spin off of a really popular trucker collection animelife did for Dragon Ball! This Naruto Trucker hat collection features all of the really popular Naruto characters on patches sewn onto the front of each trucker! From Naruto, to Itachi and Orochimaru, there is a character for everyone's needs. The amazing colors offered make these hats pop and let you stick out in the crowd.
One unique factor of these original snapback trucker caps are the patches they have on the side. They have unique patches corresponding to the characters featured on the trucker. Whether it be their name in Japanese kanji or the clan/village they are a part of, it really gives it a final touch, showing these hats were made with pristine care and were given proper attention when it comes detail.
5. Dragon Ball Z Trucker Hats Collection
Of course we couldn't put the famous Naruto Truckers on this list without also talking about the Dragon Ball Z Trucker snapbacks animelife features on their website! This Trucker Hat Collection is what started all of the truckers that animelife boasts today! They are so popular that even famous soccer players have worn them; some example of this are Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez. These hats and caps also boast a patch sewn onto the front with numerous Dragon Ball Z characters, including Vegeta, Goku, Master Roshi, and even Piccolo. Ironically however, none of the hats include Android 13
These truckers are a great way to stylishly show off your favorite Dragon Ball characters and the variety and options are immense. Since this is their biggest collections of hats thus far, they have a numerous amount of different type of styles, each fitting your needs. 
4. My Neighbor Totoro Beanie
My Neighbor Totoro may not be the most popular anime of them all, but Totoro is definitely by far one of the cutest. Although the selection of animelife's beanies is still growing, the small variety that they have do not lack on quality! This beanie features the famous Totoro's cute face embroidered onto the front, keeping your noggin warm while also letting you rep your favorite weird but cute spirit animal.
3. One Piece Straw Hat Pirate Dad Hat
One Piece may not be the most popular anime, but it is one of the longest running anime's and manga's in existence. It's fan base is loyal and it is growing by the minute in term of numbers. When it comes to apparel, and in particular hats, there are not many options when it comes to One Piece, and especially not many stylish ones. Animelife is doing it's best to come up with designs and logos and symbols that would look good on not only anime hats, caps, beanies, etc. but also on different types of clothing; in particular for lesser known anime's as well.
The one-of-a-kind design for this dad hat features the infamous Straw Hat Pirates logo embroidered carefully onto the front of the hat, letting the wearer show off their pride for not only One Piece but also their favorite Pirate crew! The design is subtle, but has enough color to really give a pop to the rest of your outfit.
2. One Punch Man Oppai Dad Hat
This One Punch Man baseball cap is not only boasts a great design that only anime fans will catch, but it will also give those who understand what it means a good laugh. This dad cap's simple design gives it a clean and simple finish, making it easy to match any costume you plan on wearing. Oppai means tits in Japanese but this is not something a casual person walking down the street would know. Although I personally would not wear this hat in public, it's design and good quality embroidery makes it worthy of this list.
1. Son Goku Dragon Ball Z Bucket Hat
Although this list does not have a particular order, I did have a reason for including this as #1 on the list. This bucket hat not only has a great and simple design, making it fashionable to wear, but is also on the next wave when it comes to streetwear fashion. Bucket hats are slowly starting to pick up around the United States and this anime bucket hat really shows that there is a possibility for the bucket hat to work. Bucket hats are the epitome of comfortable and the in vogue style right now is to comfy clothing. Although this may not be a popular choice for many, the next Spring/Summer season could see a great rise in this category. This bucket hat in particular features the silhouette of the one and only Son Goku from Dragon Ball Z. Underneath is written his name in Japanese Kanji. This hat lets the wearer truly embrace the power level of Goku while wearing very comfortable headwear at the same time.
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