Top 10 Strongest Dragon Ball Z Characters

Top 10 Strongest Dragon Ball Z Characters



Dragon Ball Z is a fan favorite anime for many that deem themselves a part of the anime community. Maybe this is in part due to the fact it is usually the first anime most of us were introduced to, but by and large the favorite thing for most Dragon Ball fans are the amazing dragon ball fighterz and fights that happen throughout the amazing franchise.

That being said, not all of the dragon ball characters were created equal when it comes to strength. Throughout the Dragon ball, Dragonball Z, and Dragon Ball Super series, the power levels of these characters shift quite frequently. This makes it a little difficult when it comes to ranking all of the characters by strength, which is why there are certain guidelines that need to be followed when making this list. Certain things I will be excluding are fusion characters, dead characters, non-canon/side time-line characters, and Deities that are not fighters (e.g. Zeno). Their powers do not fit in this particular category, and they may have their own list in an upcoming blog post! Last but not least, these ranks will be established based on the peak power of the characters in the series, and not where they lie now/at the end of the DBZ franchise. Now that this has been established, let's rank the Dragon Ball Z fighters!

Top 10 Dragon Ball Fighterz

10. Hit


Of all the DBZ characters, Hit tops off this list at number 10! He comes from Universe 6 and is an assassin. He is fairly strong in terms of physical power, but his main ability is the capability of skipping through time and using that to his advantage. This lets him do a multitude of things, including trapping his foes in a time dimension he has full control of, and making himself untouchable by storing his physical body in the time dimension he controls. These unique and quite deadly abilities make Hit the strongest fighter in Universe 6 and an assassin that many would not want to face.

When it comes to overall power levels, Hit can pack a punch and hold his own in a fight. He can go head to head with Goku or Vegeta when they are in their Super Saiyan Blue forms, which many cannot handle. That being said, there are a few reasons why I did not rank him higher. If you take away the power of time from Hit, he does not have any other strengths he can use to his advantage, solely relying on brute strength in fist combat/close quarters range. Although placed at 10, this still doesn't stop Hit from being a formidable dbz super fighter!

9. Buu


Buu is a tough character to rank when it comes to this list to the many different forms he takes on throughout the series. His final form in the Dragon Ball Z series, known as "Kid Buu", is not necessarily his strongest. Kid Buu however was very unpredictable and had the most malicious intentions out of all of his forms, it was driven by pure anger and rage. That being said, Buu's strongest form was his Super form during his fight with Vegito, right after he absorbed Gohan.

It ended up taking the power of a Fusion to take on the likes of Super Buu; him absorbing his innocent half made a stronger version of himself that no one saw coming, especially the DBZ fighters who had to go up against him. He ended up absorbing and stealing the powers of Gotenks, Piccolo, and Gohan, making him an almost unstoppable force.

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8. Gohan


Gohan's character grows in wisdom and in power throughout the entire series, and is one of my favorite dragon ball z and dragon ball super characters. From a young child that doesn't want to become a fighter, but having to anyway due to the impending doom that was coming his way, he becomes one of the strongest fighters in the series. Taught by the one and only Piccolo, Gohan becomes capable of overcoming some of the toughest of tough Dragon Ball Z villains, including Cell when he first unlocks Super Saiyan 2. He ends up losing some of this power during the Buu saga, turning into what many of us call Tracksuit Gohan. That being said, leading up to the Tournament of Power and during the Tournament of Power is when Gohan truly enters his peak form.

Him not being at his peak form while fighting Super Buu is why he is ranked higher than Buu in terms of strength, this alone letting him enter the number 8 slot. Him regaining his Ultimate Form during the Tournament of Power however secures his slot. He may not be the strongest of all the full of power characters there are, but he does put up a fight making him one of the strongest Z fighters.

7. Frieza


Frieza is by far one of the scariest Dragon Ball Z villains when it comes to the Dragon Ball universe. Frieza was supposedly a villain so strong, there was no way anyone would have been able to defeat him. As all DBZ fans know, Goku ends up conquering Frieza by obtaining his famous Super Saiyan form. This should have stopped Frieza when he supposedly died in the explosion of Planet Namek, but he came back and lost once more to Future Trunks in his cybernetic form.... and then he came back again, in a form that was actually scary this time.

Frieza's temporary ultimate form, also known as Golden Frieza is what puts him at number 7 of this list. Frieza was supposedly stronger than Super Saiyan Blue, but we unfortunately aren't positive. That being said, since both Goku and Vegeta gain forms stronger than SSB, he ranks lower than them.

6. Toppo


Toppo is a member of the Pride Troopers, a group of warrior heroes from Universe 11 that strive to fight villains and seek justice. He is the second strongest member of the Pride Troopers, and is shown to have two forms, his regular form, and a form he reveals towards the end of the Tournament of Power: his destroyer form.

In his destroyer form, Toppo proved to be a formidable opponent, that even Vegeta struggled to deal with. Toppo already had the strength of Super Saiyan Blue, but alongside his Destroyer form and Destruction power, he was much stronger. Golden Frieza would not have been able to compete with this form, which is why Toppo TOP's (get it?) him on this list.

5. Vegeta


Now, at this point, the comment section breaks up into a full on brawl. Although Vegeta is STRONGER than Goku, I still put him at #5. Vegeta does not have the training and fighting skills that Goku has, which overall makes him the "weaker" of the two. Along with this, Goku achieves his Ultra Instinct form during the Tournament of Power, which trumps the Super Saiyan Blue Evolution that Vegeta is able to achieve.

Vegeta ends up beating Toppo in the tournament using the self-destruction technique he used against Majin Buu, however this time it worked and he ended up surviving. Along with this, Vegeta's character is based around the fact that one should never be content with the progress they have made, and should always strive to be stronger. This is usually put in perspective to Goku's power, which is why we put him below Goku.

4. Goku


Goku is obviously one of the strongest characters compared to all of the Dragon Ball Z Characters. Although he does not acheive Super Saiyan Blue Evolution like Vegeta, he does manage to reach his new form of Ultra Instinct which trumps SSBE.

Goku is all about breaking his own limits and pushing his power levels to the max, however he is still on his journey and there are few that lie ahead of him in terms of strength and power level at this point of time. To be fair, some of them are Gods, which Goku will theoretically never be able to defeat, but at the time being he remains at #4.

3. Jiren

Jiren proves to be too strong for Goku in the Tournament of Power which is why he ranks at #3. Jiren is a Pride Trooper from Universe 11, just like Toppo, but is the stronger of the two. He trained non-stop to make sure he never had to face tragedy like he did in the past. The gods even feared that he may be the prophesied warrior that would surpass them in strength.

Jiren's physical punches and psychic attacks are nearly unstoppable. His strength pushed Goku into achieving his new form, and even then that was not enough to stop Jiren. Jiren is by far the strongest mortal to exist in Dragon Ball, leaving only the Gods to rank higher than him.

2. Beerus


Although Jiren's Power Level may be higher than Beerus' level, Beerus is a God of Destruction with both the power of Godly Ki, and the power of destruction energy. There are many Gods of Destruction, however Beerus is the only God we have seen to use their power "in full".

Along with this, Beerus was trained by the one and only Whis, which makes his true power to be higher than Jiren's even if he has yet to master it.

1. Whis


Although Zeno, the one and only omni-king, would definitely top this list if it came to brute strength and power, he doesn't really count as a fighter so he does not count in this list (otherwise it would make for quite the boring list).

That said, Beerus' Angel attendant, Whis, tops off our list as the strongest DBZ character. Although Whis does not constantly fight and is not very active in the series, he is Beerus' teacher and mentor, which means that not only is he a better fighter, but he is also stronger than the God of Destruction. Whis was assigned to Beerus to teach him to to control and handle the power of his Destruction, thus he has to be strong enough to handle the powers of Beerus and control the problems that would arise in the process. Not to mention Whis has immense speed, has the power of bringing back the dead to life, and has the ability to create whatever he needs.

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