Top 10 Strongest Dragon Ball Villains Ranked in Order

Dragon Ball, as one of the most respected anime, set the stage for a slew of new shows.

I firmly believe there would be no Naruto, Bleach, or Yu Yu Hakusho if Dragon Ball did not exist. And with the return of Dragon Ball Super, this franchise appears to have no end in sight. 

And is it me or the additions to this series don't ever seem to halt. Just when it seems that Goku has bested the ultimate foe, another one just pops up behind him. Though I must admit, this ever expanding and exceptional villain gallery has some pretty bizarre aliens and interdimensional monsters.

So, without further ado, we’re going to dive into the list of what I believe are the most potent villains in the Dragon Ball universe, ranked from strong to strongest.


#10. Cell

The Androids were evil, but they were nothing compared to sinister being that was Cell. Dr. Gero created him by using the DNA of Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Frieza, and other legendary warriors. No wonder he was tough. And too in his early forms, which he soon masters and took his ultimate form when he absorbed the Androids. 

When it came to Cell, it was not only the Earth that was in danger, but also the entire universe. No one seemed to be able to stop him at first, but ultimately, Cell's ruse eventually tapped into Gohan's latent powers and transformed him into a Super Saiyan 2. Nonetheless, Cell came really close to winning even then. His abilities raised the bar for all future fighters/villians.


#9 Janemba

Janemba was the presiding incarnation of evil, almost as formidable as Majin Buu. He, the film's main villain, was a pestilence not only to planets, but also to every existence in hell or heaven.

While Goku was capable of beating Janemba’s first form by converting into Super Saiyan 3, Janemba's new form consistently proved too strong for him as well as Vegeta. Janemba was frightening because he could deceive actuality, largely utilizing spacetime as weapon systems. Getting offended was his only weak point; this would momentarily grasp him. If Vegeta and Goku had not merged to form Gogeta, he would have wiped out the universe. To eradicate the Janemba’s villainous energy, the fusion Saiyan used his ultimate move that finally managed to subdue this beast.

#8 Majin Buu

Majin Buu, a malevolent jinn created by the evil wizard Bibbidi, was one of the most powerful villains in all of Dragon Ball Z.

Buu became enraged after being resurrected by Bibbidi's son Babidi and easily tore through Earth's protectors. Buu's abilities allowed him to best Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta, obliterate the Earth, and for the first time, force Goku into a Super Saiyan 3.

I've encountered other bad guys who can change, but Buu's transformation abilities were particularly unique. Each Buu was deadlier than the last. He surpassed Super Saiyan 3 Goku in strength, and not even Vegito came any close. It took only the greatest ever Spirit Bomb ever manifested to be able to end this vile beast.


#7 Goku Black

Despite sharing the similar identity, Goku Black and Zamasu are two different people.

In the main unmodified timeline, Goku Black appears in Dragon Ball Super and steals the original Goku's current body. They then join forces with his future self, future Zamasu, to wipe out all humans on Earth.

Goku Black, on the other hand, put his own spin on the technique and transformed into Super Saiyan Rosé. This allowed him to easily compete with Vegeta.


#6 Cell Max

The Dragon Ball Super films have introduced many new elements to the Dragon Ball universe, including new androids, transformations, and even a new Cell.

The Red Ribbon Army resurrected a giant version of Cell, while Goku and Vegeta were off-planet training with Broly, Beerus and Whis. So, it came down to Gohan and Piccolo to put a stop to this resurrected monstrosity.

Cell Max outperforms the original Perfect Cell in terms of power and speed. It takes Gohan to once again tap into his ultimate form to finally defeat Cell Max for good.

#5 Frieza

This one just never seems to die. Frieza had already "died" twice, but the authors somehow always managed to resurrect him. This time Frieza's minions bring him back to life using the dragon balls. The interstellar warlord, as always, intends to kill Goku. And learning that his opponent is more powerful than ever, Frieza, for the very first time, gives a go at training.

When he returns to Earth, Frieza undergoes a new transformation, becoming Golden Frieza. Goku, who also has gained a new form, Super Saiyan Blue, finds it challenging to keep up with this new and improved Frieza.

Even in the movie, Frieza successfully manages to halt the vicious Broly while Goku and Vegeta attempt to fuse. He truly is a different beast.

Bringing me to my next character:


#4 Broly

Broly, despite appearing in the legendary Super Saiyan film, was not considered canon like most DBZ movies.

So to satisfy fans, Akira Toriyama introduced a new and improved Broly, one that fit into the actual timeline.

This new Broly had undergone a transformation more powerful than Goku or Vegeta's Super Saiyan form. Broly's rage proved unrelenting, but so was his downfall. He possesses raw power but lacked some core fighting aspects; intelligence and strategy. After Goku and Vegeta fuse to form Gogeta, the battle became incredibly one-sided in favor of the good guys.


#3 Fused Zamasu

You might remember that Zamasu's combined power threatened not only reality, but also different realms and periods.

It's a bit difficult to scale his powers as it wasn’t Goku or Vegeta that ultimately bested him. This one proved a whole other beast. Not even a Super Saiyan Blue Vegito proved capable of fending off against Fused Zamasu.

It all came down to that one lucky move where Goku managed to call Lord Zeno. Zeno, my man, is a whole other story. He wiped Zamasu out of existence, leaving not even a trace.


#2 Beerus

Beerus, the God of Destruction, was Goku's first foe in Dragon Ball Super. And one mean foe, in my opinion.

Upon waking from his eternity long slumber, Beerus learns of Goku's feat of defeating Frieza and becoming a Super Saiyan. This provides the God hope that his thirst for battle will finally be quenched. So, he immediately heads down to King-Kai’s planet, where Goku appears to be training, and two shots the Saiyan Warrior. Disappointed, Beerus returns to Earth and destroys the remaining Z-Fighters.

Getting over the embarrassing loss, Goku encounters Beerus again, this time taking on the form of Super Saiyan God. And yet he remained unmatched against the sheer might of the God of Destruction.

#1 Jiren

Jiren is the only non-villain antagonist among the characters, and my favorite.

As seen in Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power, historically Goku has never faced a stronger opponent than him. Other universes had only heard of Jiren's existence. He was thought to be the only being who even a God of Destruction could not beat.

Jiren's presence unleashed a Ki so strong that it jolted the immense horizon of infinity, the world of emptiness as a whole. He broke out of the prison of time by turning and bending at the sight of it.

It took Goku yet another transformation, Ultra Instinct, to be able to defeat Jiren, but only temporarily. He still remains Goku’s ultimate foe.



This series has many memorable fighters, but who remains the greatest Dragon Ball Z villain of all time? Some prefer the classic Frieza story, in which Goku first becomes a Super Saiyan. I particularly am obsessed with the Majin Buu's story, in which he battles an evil force unlike any other.

But no matter which villain you like the most, you must admit they all leave an indelible impression.

With this, concludes my picks for the Greatest Dragon Ball Villains. Till next time!


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