Top 10 Strongest Akatsuki Members in Naruto

Top 10 Strongest Akatsuki Members In Naruto
     It's only a fact that the Akatsuki are one of the scariest group of villains in Naruto, let alone anime in general. The Akatsuki are a staple villainous group of the Naruto franchise, and all known they are not to be brushed off. There tends to be a lot of forgettable "bad guys" in anime, but the Akatsuki definitely do not classify as forgettable. Their complex history and character depth makes them a group of characters that fans bond with and remember forever.
     The Akatsuki formed from a group of ninjas who abandoned their home village and formed a clan of their own. Although their intentions were ever-changing, it happened to parry the efforts of Naruto's protagonists.
      All the members of the Akatsuki clan had the right idea of wanting to stop the never-ending war between nations, however the way they approached it in a manner that was not very appealing to those not apart of the clan. Many opposed of their goal of ruling by total domination and power.
     Although few in numbers, this clan is known for the many strong individuals that are a part of it. They are capable of taking on the strongest of entities and characters in Naruto, like the ever so powerful Tailed Beasts. That being said, each Akatsuki isn't equally as strong, and some are weaker than others. I will be ranking the Top 10 Akatsuki members, discussing who is most worthy of the Akatsuki robes and Akatsuki rings.

Top 10 Akatsuki Members Ranked: Weakest to Strongest

10. Zetsu
Even though Zetsu is not the strongest of the Akatsuki members in terms of brute power, he is a master of the shadows and is great at scouting the movements of his opponents. This skill is a huge asset in helping the Akatsuki figure out the plans of their opponents. His ability to use plants to his advantage, specifically his Mayfly technique, is one of the many unique strengths that he has. I personally would rank black Zetsu lower, as his shadow powers seem to be more useful in the anime and manga, but combining him with his white counterpart puts them both at number 10.
9. Hidan
Hidan is a top-tier Akatsuki member, thanks to his immortal powers. Although he is not the strongest, he is by far the most durable. He was a previous member of the Hidden Hot Water Village, but turned towards the Akatsuki eventually.
Hidan may be a tough challenge to defeat to many, but as long as you know about his abilities, he becomes quite easy to beat in combat. Since most of the Akatsuki, if not all, know about his abilities, it would make it very easy for them to conquer this daunting foe.
8. Deidara
Deidara is one of the more flamboyant and out there members of the Akatsuki, but that doesn't make him any less of a threat. Deidara is a master of explosives, combining the powers of earth and lightning to destroy everything that lies in his path. Deidara utilizes the the mouths on his body, particularly on his hands, to shapeshift clay into bombs he can control with his chakra.
These skills make Deidara a tough foe to overcome, but he struggles against those with insurmountable levels of speed or endurance. Not to mention, Deidara's shortsightedness makes it difficult for him to succeed.
7. Sasori
When I think of the greatest ventriloquist of all time, Sasori is the only person, or ninja, that comes to mind. Not only is he capable of summoning an army of countless puppets of dead humans all at once, but he also is practically immortal. He ended up transforming himself into a puppet as well, making him invulnerable to any attacks that don't strike his core, which includes things such as poison.
That being said, just like Hidan, Sasori's capabilities are only strong with the element of surprise. Once one knows of his skills and his puppet body, he is not as much of a threat.
6. Konan
Konan happens to be the only woman in the Akatsuki's organization 2nd generation. She is one of the founders of the Akatsuki, and she advises the one and only Pain, the leader of the group during this time.
Konan is very careful with how she executes her attacks and is inconceivably strong. Many underestimate her power due to her being a girl, but that only gives her more of an edge in combat. She is a master of paper and can use her chakra to do many creative things with this power. One of the many abilities she uses her paper for is mobility; she can use paper to give her wings!
She is one of Jiraiya's best students, however this proved to not be enough in the long term. Unfortunately we do not get to see the true capabilities of her power (or so I believe), so I can only rank her at number 6.
5. Kakuzu
Kakuzu is also practically immortal and one of the scariest of all the Akatsuki members. Due to his tendrils and extensive talent and knowledge of the use of chakra, he proves to be a formidable opponent. He can heal almost instantly from what would be fatal injuries by replacing damaged parts of his bodies, including vital organs. The only way to defeat the great Kakuzu would be to destroy his entire body all at once, which would require an insurmountable amount of power. He is one of the rare ninjas who has enough physical power to fight a Tailed Beast.
4. Kisame
Not only does Kisame look swoll AF, but he has the physical strength to take on the most powerful of his enemies. Kisame, accompanied by his sword, which so happens to be alive, Samehada, are an almost unstoppable force. Did I mention Kisame also has the power of water-based jutsu?
Samehada assists Kisame in stopping any chakra attack, as his blade consumes the energy, it eats up like food! Due to the bond he has with his sword, he is able to also become one with it, making him even stronger and capable of surviving fatal blows. His dedication to the clan and it's goals make him a top-tier Akatsuki member.
3. Tobi
Obito Uchiha, also known as Tobi, is not only a master deceiver and a god-like meme-lord, but he is also insanely powerful. He holds the power of not only the Sharingan, but also the Rinnegan, and the power of the Ten-Tails. These give him many powers, including but not limited to power over all 6 chakra elements, access to all of Nagato's abilities, and is able to phase through objects. His Truth-Seeking Balls technique also happens to make him super OP.
Had it not been for the combined efforts of many, Obito would have been unstoppable.
2. Itachi
Itachi is probably the best ninjutsu and genjutsu master in all of the Naruto universe. He, as you all probably know, is also a master of the most advanced techniques of the Sharingan eye; some of which are the flames of Amaterasu, the battling avatar Susanoo, and the illusions of Tsukuyomi.
The only weakness Itachi has is the fact that if he uses his powers too much, he will eventually go blind. Using his powers makes him bleed from his eyes. He is one of the smartest, if not the smartest member of the Akatsuki. His cunning intellect and intelligence help him achieve great things, including spying on the Akatsuki. Although I love Itachi as much as all of you, he still is not as strong as #1.
1. Nagato/Pain
Pain is the scariest of the members of the Akatsuki clan. Whether it is a gift or a curse, he has the power of the Rinnegan that Madara spent decades forming. The power of the Rinnegan let him control dead bodies that each had unique and powerful abilities
Along with this, he could destroy villages and cities just by generating a big enough of force of power. He had the power of a full army and could only be stopped when Naruto used his Sage Mode and the Nine-Tailed chakra. I personally believe that the only reason Pain could have led the Akatsuki at their peak was because he was the strongest of them all.
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